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Our Tomorrows, Today: Wahbung 1971  is a short documentary about Wahbung, the position paper written by the Manitoba Indian Brotherhood (MIB) in response to the Trudeau Government’s White Paper (1969). The discovery and use, of lost archival footage from the events of 1971, was an added bonus to the creation of this film. 


This must-see short documentary features reflections and perspectives from women who were involved in the development of Wahbung, including noted educator Verna J. Kirkness,  Joycelyn Bruyere - Acting Director of Consultations and Negotiations at the MIB, and Health Liaison Janet Fontaine.


Grand Chief Derek Nepinak of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs also weighs in on the relevance of the 1971 document to the present day Canadian political landscape.


The film explores First Nation’s history, the role that women played in the development of Wahbung, and highlights the leadership of Grand Chief Dave Courchene Sr. president of the MIB 1967-1972. His son, noted Elder Dave Courchene Jr., gives compelling insights in the film.


“The spirit of Wahbung is still relevant. It applies as much today as it did at that time,” said Courchene Jr. “You will find the spirit of the people within that document, and that spirit is to reclaim our right of identity as a people.”


Our Tomorrows, Todays: Wahbung 1971 should be required viewing for historians, educators, students or anyone interested in Manitoba history.


An accompanying book and teachers guide with DVD is being produced to supplement this short documentary.


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