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Nicole Magne


Nicole Magne is a Winnipeg-based videographer and multi-disciplinary visual artist. For over a decade, she has specialized in producing educational video content. This is Nicole's first documentary film. 

Nicole has been employed as a Multimedia Developer for the Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre since 2004, producing educational content for specialists within the organization, and creating promotional videos and other material for communities throughout the province. 

Nicole studied video and media development, earning a diploma in Digital Multimedia Technology from Red River College in 2004.  She graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2006 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Video.

In addition to her video work, Nicole's passion for creating art includes costume design, jewelry design, and contemporary embroidery.

David Robertson


David Alexander Robertson, of Irish, Scottish, English, and Cree heritage, is a graphic novelist and writer who has been recognized for his work in the field of indigenous education and won the John Hirsch Award for Most Promising Manitoba Writer in 2015.


David has created several bestselling graphic novels and was a contributor to the anthologies Manitowapow: Aboriginal Writings From the Land of Water, Moonshot: The Indigenous Comics Collection, and Love Beyond Body, Space and Time. His work has been featured in CV2 and Prairie Fire. His first novel, The Evolution of Alice, was published in fall 2014.


David is currently the Publishing & Communications Administrator at the Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre, where he has published numerous Indigenous titles, and has most recently co-directed the film, Our Tomorrows, Today: Wahbung 1971.

Rachel Beaulieu

Online Editor

Rachel Beaulieu is a Ojibway woman from Sandy Bay First Nation. Rachel earned her Media Production Diploma in 2010. Since then she has been immersed in all aspects of the media field. Be it, creating websites, online marketing, music production and management, editing broadcast television shows, pre-production film development and on-set experience.


Rachel has been passionate about the industry since childhood, creating plays with neighbourhood children and doing photo shoots in her bedroom with siblings. She almost pursued a career in health but knew her passion was the arts.

Rachel’s specialty is video editing, She has done editing for various award winning shows and documentaries across Canada. Her latest television show edit Catch the Dream Bio’s with Adam Beach recently aired on CBC.

Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre


The Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre Inc. (MFNERC) provides the province’s leading education, administration, technology, language and culture services to First Nations schools in Manitoba

First Nations were compelled to take back control of education in the historic Wahbung paper of 1971 – Wahbung: Our Tomorrows – by the Manitoba Indian Brotherhood (now Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs) and Indian Control of Indian Education position paper in 1972 by the National Indian Brotherhood (Now Assembly of First Nations)..

Therefore, at that time and beyond, First Nations began the process of administering their own schools; however, chronic underfunding and lack of supports eventually required the creation of an organization that could help meet the needs of those schools.

In 1998 the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs gave a mandate and established MFNERC to provide administrative, technical, language and educational supports to First Nations Schools in Manitoba.


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